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    Service Content

    Service center

    Service Content

    Service area:

    Pre-sales services: 1. Consulting Services All customer calls will be answered and replied. We try our best to be a good consultant for users. 2. Technical Services According to specific customer requirements, we make reasonable matching of products and accessories, and tailor the design and production process

    In-sales services: 1. Reliable delivery times 2. Safe transportation guarantee 3. Fast and efficient guidance for installation and commissioning

    After-sales Service: 1. Our service is just a phone call away. 2. Lifelong technical advices and technical training services 3. Follow-up service, regular visits, timely solutions to problems

    Service Concept:

    Pursue customer satisfaction, exceed customer needs

    Think what users think and mind what they mind.

    After-sales telephone:

    After-sales Service: +86-13592136577

    Fax: +86-371-28993123