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    Corn processing equipment and engineering


    Corn processing equipment and engineering

    Corn Processing Engineering and Equipment

    Daily processing 300 tons of corn production line

    In order to play MaoSheng company decades of experience and technical superiority in corn processing, brewing equipment and various types of grains and equipment and engineering, the company dedicated a grains engineering division, specializing in all types of cereals class technology and equipment, production and complete production lines for the design, supporting the installation of train services, research techniques corn grits, milling equipment and grains processing technology and equipment, and grains processing technology and equipment of the leading domestic level.

    In order to enhance the capacity of equipment, starting from 2000, the first in China have introduced the Swiss CNC laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, CNC machining centers, CNC boring machines, CNC lathes and other advanced processing equipment, product quality has been reliable manufacturing equipment support.

    Products in China are widely used, such as Shaanxi Cheng 500T / D corn production lines, Jining 200T / D corn production lines, Kaifeng Mita 50T / D garlic processing line, Henan top Chi Group, Hebei Xinli Oil Company, Tianjin Dahua company Sesame clean up production lines, Dukang Wine Co., Ltd., Sichuan Feng Valley Wine, Chongqing Shixian Taibai liquor companies such as the clean-up smash production lines.

    Open cooperation, lush man with "innovative and realistic, unity, hard work and dedication," the entrepreneurial spirit, the company has the confidence and strength to the "flourishing" brand into a world-renowned brand, to achieve a win-win business and users. 

    MSYSF series

    Corn grits, flour, germ extraction equipment

    This series of complete sets of equipment to produce 50T / D-500T / D yield corn products, models include MSYSF50, MSYSF100, MSYSF150, MSYSF200, MSYSF300, MSYSF500. The process uses a full-dry or semi-wet mixed germ, finishing peeling process design, produce different size of low-fat corn grits, corn meal, corn bran, to ensure product quality and genuine than the yield exceeded the national standard, package of equipment with advanced technology, stable performance, mature technology features, and has a high-grade equipment, the production of fine, rational layout, dynamic consumption low, while according to the specific needs of users, there is provision for a reasonable design.

    Technical Specifications:

    Product Category: corn grits, corn meal, corn germ, corn bran

    Power consumption: 55-64kw / h

    Finished Ratio: corn grits: 40% -50%; corn flour: 25% -30%; corn germ: 7% -8%; corn bran: about 25%.


    Product quality indicators:

    Corn flour fineness: 40-200 mesh (adjustable)

    Moisture: Storage type ≤13.5% -14.5%

    Sand content: <0.02%

    Fat content: 0.4% -1.7%

    Magnetic metal content: <0.003 g / kg

    Appearance: mix grains uniform, bright, high germ intact, silty fine.

    MSYSF- corn grits, flour, extract the germ line

    Corn processing site

    Corn cogeneration equipment flow chart

    Power and plant parameters

    Model Equipped with power(kw) Yield t/d Steel plant covering(m3)
    MSYSF20 46 20 8x5x5
    MSYSF50 170 50 35x5x7
    MSYSF100 350 100 40x7x10
    MSYSF150 550 150 42x7x10
    MSYSF200 740 200 48x7x11
    MSYSF300 950 300 48x21x30


    Part of a stand-alone corn processing equipment